The website (hereafter referred to as the “website”) uses cookies.

Cookies are understood as text files created by a server when visiting a website and stored on the computer's hard drive or on any device used by the user to access the Internet, which are later and automatically retransmitted after subsequent Internet access by the user.

Cookies are used for the website to function correctly and efficiently, as well as to provide information to website owners about the user's navigation on the website, allowing them to be made available on subsequent visits to make the website easier to use. use and/or browse.


Session or temporary cookies: they remain on your browser only during your visit, disappearing as soon as you leave the website or for a limited duration.

Persistent or permanent cookies: remain in your browser after you leave the website, unless you delete them.

Functional cookies: collect information about your visit, such as pages visited or error messages. They do not collect information of a personal nature that can identify the user, as the information is collected and aggregated in order to guarantee anonymity. These cookies are commonly used to improve the performance of websites.

Necessary or essential cookies: allow the website to memorize user-defined options (for example, personalized pages or changes in text size), also enabling functionalities such as commenting on a blog.

Own cookies: installed from the website being visited.

Third-party cookies: installed by other websites.


This website uses its own cookies, third party cookies and other similar technologies, as described in more detail below.

a. Browsing Cookies

This website works with these cookies designed to ensure efficient navigation and use, as well as functionality cookies that allow users to explore the personalization provided by the website, such as the automatic introduction of the password to access reserved areas of the website, as well as any other preferences chosen during previous visits.

b. Analytical cookies

This website uses Google Analytics cookies to gather information, jointly and in aggregate, about the number of users who visit it and how to use it, in order to reproduce general and unnamed statistics about the service and its use, without the possibility of tracking or specifying the identity of each individual user. These cookies use the full IP address of the website users to provide geographic data of a general nature. Google Analytics settings allow data to be shared with Google in order to use the following services: i) Tests, namely participating in the collection of anonymous data that make the status of the data easier to understand; ii) Technical assistance, to allow Google to provide assistance; and iii) Account specialists, to allow Google marketing experts to provide suggestions to improve setup and analysis.

In order to get more details and information about it, please go to the following page.

For more information on how to disable these cookies, please see below.

c. Social cookies

This website does not use third-party cookies that allow users to interact with some social networks (such as, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and, in particular, share website contents through these social networks.

This website does not use profile creation cookies with which it is possible to record the preferences declared during each visit and/or create profiles that allow messages directed to the user's preferences and interests to be sent.


This website uses session or temporary cookies, and the information collected is aimed at analyzing the website's traffic patterns. Thus, it will be possible to improve it by modifying or customizing its contents and, therefore, making its use easier.

The website also uses persistent persistent cookies, so that it is possible to navigate the website and its functions are personalized, keeping a record of the services requested and the pages visited in previous sessions. These cookies are stored on the user's device, associated with the device's IP address, for a maximum period of 30 days. The user can manually remove persistent/permanent cookies.

Most users automatically accept cookies by default. However, if browser preferences are set properly, you can selectively decline or accept them.

Note that most browsers allow you to view, control, delete and block cookies on a website. Please note that if you delete all existing cookies, any preferences you set will be lost, including the ability to delete future cookies, as this is a function that itself requires a cookie for this on your device. . For more guidance on controlling cookies in frequently used browsers, please visit each of the links below:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer 

Mozilla Firefox

MacOS Safari

Please be informed that Google Analytics cookies can be disabled by installing a specific plug-in for each browser, which is available on this page that you should consult.


The data collected by the use of cookies is processed by Penguin Formula, owner of SnapTest.

These data may only be used by companies we trust that carry out technical and administrative tasks. Information collected through the use of Google cookies will not be transferred outside the European Union.

The data collected through the use of cookies will not be distributed or transferred in any way.

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