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Online Booking Test, Vaccines and Examination - Why Penguin Formula?

The answer is very simple and straightforward: experience. After years dedicated to the development of solid programming solutions, Penguin Formula has found a way to maximise the booking of online tests, vaccines and examinations.

Applying our experience at this very serious time of Covid-19 was a great and gratifying challenge. The severity of this moment led us to apply our effort and knowledge to develop a technological solution that allows us to contribute safely to fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic 

What SnapTest stands for?

Although it is such a short word, SnapTest brings with it the most complete and secure solution available on the market, for both organization and management of the entire testing process of Covid-19, among others. It was designed to work perfectly, especially during the vaccination phase.

SnapTest is easy to use, quick to implement and totally safe. This makes it the best system to serve the entire range of requirements for health professionals.

Key Features of SnapTest

Easy to Use (mobile/desktop)

SnapTest allows process administrators to master fully the use of the system within just one hour of training, allowing more administrators to be trained easily, without any need for Penguin Formula intervention.

Rapid Implementation

Once the system is ready and all that is needed is to create a new customer, it is possible to implement it quickly and easily from the start, since the customer is able to configure in a short period of time, 


Once the system manager has mastered the creation of a location, there is no limit to the growth that SnapTest can bring to your business.
The reason is that it allows an unlimited number of tests to be created and organized simply, intuitively and quickly.

Stock Management

In addition to creating locations, which translate into online schedules, SnapTest managers can place equipment and materials associated with these locations into the system, thereby controlling the correct distribution of everything required for a successful operation.

Easy Access

As a Cloud Based solution, SnapTest does not require any special installation, either on computers or smartphones. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

Data Protection

SnapTest was developed with all the necessary tools to securely protect all the data that passes through the system. In addition  to encrypt data, the manager has the option, ultimately, to securely operate with complete user anonymity.

Cloud Based

From the Cloud, where it is hosted, SnapTest can operate on any device, mobile or fixed, requiring only an internet connection and browser. Since the beginning of its operation, records demonstrate that the system has never failed, giving it a seal of security, stability and solidity.

Totally Convenient

SnapTest is practical, safe and exclusively focused on scheduling and managing tests, examinations and vaccines. For this reason, it is a guarantee of convenience for those who manage the system and, especially for the public that seek the benefits from its use.

Multiple testing sites

With SnapTest you can create, manage and keep your customers informed about where they can access all kinds of tests and vaccines. As it is possible to book online, the complete management of each locations, can be implemented using a simple, effective and fast system. 


At a fixed location

It can be a pharmacy, a laboratory, a clinic, a hospital, a health centre, a school, an airport, hotel or any other fixed point, your customers can easily find and schedule their test online, paying through the system or on site, according to what the manager defines.


In a temporary location

In cases of specific operations, in temporary locations, such as events or mass-testing, all you need to do is to make available the link from which the user is able to find the location, the types of test and available times. This makes it possible to define the locations, even if temporary, in a very dynamic way and without communication effort.


Drive Thru

This is a perfect way to avoid crowding during testing. Safely inside their cars, customers find the location via their smartphone, move as directed, are tested and leave. A few minutes later, they receive the result on their own device.


Walk Thru

Similar to Drive Thru, this brings a solution for those who cannot travel by car. With online booking, it is possible to organize the gradual flow of people, thus avoiding unnecessary crowding. Walk and Drive Thru are also the best solutions for holding events safely. The fact that the result is communicated by the system directly to the user’s phone, facilitates access to the event.


At home

This is also a test that can be pre-booked with SnapTest. This enables managers to anticipate and organize testing, both in terms of materials and personnel. It is an innovative way to develop a business that provides services to people, with great convenience for those who have mobility limitations.

Fully configurable, SnapTest allows you to easily organize the entire operation on the ground, obtaining a perfect overview and reports for analysis and delivery of information in real time.

The Planning Board allows you to have a complete overview of all appointments and to access all information in real time.

SnapTest also allows you to configure the system inserting details of all the materials needed for each type of test, exam or vaccine, then allocating them to each location, thus ensuring that nothing is missing in the process.

As with the materials, it is also possible to place and transfer equipment according to the logistics that each operation requires.

Another great advantage of SnapTest is that it allows the creation of an unlimited number of users. And, even better: there is no cost increase and includes different levels of permission, according to what the managers decide.

The entire process generates reports of the operation, which makes managers realize exactly how the process evolves in relation to the number of appointments, withdrawals, tests performed, etc.

Gerenciar Testagens
Comunicar Muppi SnapTest

Easy to communicate:
The system works for you!

All you need to do is to communicate a simple link. From the moment the system manager creates a new location, SnapTest automatically generates an appointment calendar. The user connects to the system and, from there they are taken through just three steps: choose the best location available for the test, check availability and make the appointment.

SMS, WhatApp, Telegram, Point of Sale, Social Networks

Communicating and publicizing the services is even simpler: you can use e-mail, posters at sales points, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and social networks. It is simple, effective, scalable and implemented almost immediately.

Comunicar SMS testes SnapTest

WhatsApp - Telegram -SMS

Through the system link you can send an SMS or a message via WhatApp or Telegram, inviting customers to a test, a vaccine or an examination.

Comunicar link Testes SnapTEst

At Sales Points

Promotional material can be placed at any sales point, displaying the access link that allows your customers to see locations and times for online scheduling.

Comunicar por website


Another way to promote the access link is to include it on a website or social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, so that customers reach the system through their smartphones or computers and seamlessly make their appointments.


Penguin Formula's SnapTest was developed to support testing centres and healthcare organizations. Its proven applicability and efficiency quickly made it the ideal solution for those who want to enter segments of the testing market. Countless entities and organizations, private or governmental, can benefit from this extraordinary tool. The main beneficiary is the end user, those who access to the online booking system, what has been happening in a very high number, as shown by our records. The following are some examples of how your organization can take advantage of SnapTest.

snaptest governo

Governmental Entities

For this group, SnapTest is very effective as it manages the entire vaccination and mass testing process. The system organizes vaccination points in a very simple way, actively informs the public, via cell phone and e-mail, and even allows testing to be organized in locations such as schools and events venues. Easily scalable, SnapTest is already a tested and proven system in terms of massive access.

snaptest farmacias


Through the online booking system, pharmacies are able to organize collection points, fixed or temporary, staggering business. At the same time that they have a management and organization system. They also become part of a testing network, held at events, such as weddings, and other ceremonies. SnapTest can also be used as an online booking system for simple things such as piercings the ears, home services delivery or collecting an medicine order.

Laboratorios snaptest

Clinics & Laboratories

Here, we consider laboratories and clinics that are already at the centre of all types of tests and examinations. SnapTest allows them to grow their online business, with appointment, payment, automated organization of services and results delivery. Allowing an unlimited number of system managers, with different permission levels, the effectiveness and efficiency of services exponentially increase.

snaptest eventos

Events Organizations

With SnapTest, events organization companies of any nature, sporting, cultural, social or of economic also benefit. With our tool, they now have a simple way of creating scattered testing points, in places where there is no gathering of people, with results sent directly to the user. This is an invaluable contribution to avoid increase in contagion. This is the only way to help guarantee health security.

airlines Snaptest

Air Companies

 It has been proven that testing before boarding is the only way to prevent the spread of viruses, like Covid-19. This doesn’t mean that it is solution that is time-limited but is likely to become part of everyday travelling. SnapTest is poised to become an essential solution for airports and airlines. It allows the quick implementation and organization of passenger’s mass testing.

Associações snaptest

Hotels and Private Initiatives

Hotels, associations and entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors have in SnapTest a huge opportunity to restart their economic activities and, at the same time, find new opportunities. With SnapTest, any company can use its own infrastructure as a place to schedule online testing. What can be better for guests, customers and employees than to be able to stay safe through company installations? In addition to a simple management tool, businesses find in SnapTest new revenue streams, with enormous economic potential.




With SnapTest, wedding planning companies can safely resume their activities. Wedding testing means security for everyone involved in the event and contributes to the improvement of your business. The guests are sent a link and can be tested in a very simple way.

Religious events

Through SnapTest it is possible to access the entire testing network. You can also create specific points, such as a drive or walkthrough, in a comfortable way. With SnapTest, organizing a religious celebration becomes a happier and safer day.

Qrcode SnapTest



A simple way to operate safely for any kind of event is to associate the purchase of the ticket with a quick test. SnapTest is able to generate a QRcode with the result, thus making it easy to present it at the entrance of any event, assuring that all attendees are have tested negative.

Through the system, test points can be created in drive and walk thru, avoiding any type of agglomeration. In 15 minutes the result is communicated to the cell phone and then, in cases where the negative result, it can be presented to access the event.

SnapTest and the fight against Pandemic Covid-19 

The Portuguese Red Cross was the first entity linked to the country's public health system to position itself as an agent of mass testing. Even when governments were still resisting the idea of ​​testing their populations, CVP was convinced that this was the way to go. For this reason, Penguin Formula made SnapTest available to them, which has allowed the Red Cross to carry out thousands of daily tests through online scheduling.

Main Implementation Cases


SnapTest Cruz Velmelha Portuguesa

The first major user of SnapTest.
A collaboration that allowed Penguin Formula to improve the system and to be sure of its solidity.

SnapTest Famamico

Farmamico is a chain of pharmacies in Italy. A private group that decided to reorganize the way of working, increasing the quality and availability of its services.

Secretaria de Saude de Manaus

The implementation of IC-BEDS, along with SnapTest, made places like Manaus, in the North of Brazil, to reach a level of quality technology higher than many large European cities.



Penguin Formula's SnapTest was implemented by the Italian pharmaceutical group Farmamico

by Link to Leaders, Portugal

Technology increases testing capacity of Covid-19

by Empreendedor, Portugal

Examination scheduling solution increases Portuguese Red Cross testing capacity.

by Atlas da Saúde, Portugal


See how SnapTest works and check the simplicity and effectiveness of the System by participating in an online demo. To do this, please send us a request using the form below.

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